Georgia Latino Entrepreneurship Study

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take_surveyThe Latino community in Georgia is the fastest growing in the nation.  At the same time, the entrepreneurship and small business activity are among the most vibrant.   Yet, while the starting rate is high, the revenue and growth of Latino businesses lag significantly behind.

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Scant research in Georgia and the Southeast has been done to understand the needs of Latinx Entrepreneurs in a way that can better inform government policy and the design of services by both the private and not-for-profit sectors in support of their development.

The Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia)  under its “Amplifying our Voice” strategy, aiming to advance knowledge of our community and find spaces to showcase our contributions and diversity of our experiences, is spearheading the first Georgia Latino Entrepreneurship Study in collaboration with funding and community partners.


The first study of Latino Entrepreneurship in Georgia, including both incorporated and unincorporated businesses of small-mid size level. The study will focus on creating a segmentation of Latino-owned businesses describing the different areas of needs/services that can help support their development.

Project partners will receive all materials, findings, report, and presentation materials in addition to branding benefits.  Click here to request more information.

Goals of the Study

To have evidence-based information that can guide the design and development of policy, programs, services and products that can accurately support the economic development goals and aspirations of Latinx business owners and ultimately, bridge a gap between opportunity and potential for the betterment and growth of our state.

The Georgia Latino Entrepreneurship Report will be a valuable tool for financial institutions, economic development offices, cities, legislators, and nonprofits.

Funders & Partner Organizations 


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