The Project

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In collaboration with the Stanford Entrepreneurship Latino Initiative, this study will be able to compare and benchmark how does Georgia stand against national averages; identify opportunities for development and barriers and challenges for growth.


What is a “Latino-Owned” business?

  • 51% ownership by an individual of Latino/Hispanic descent (regardless of generation).
  • Self-identify as Hispanic 

Scope of businesses we are studying:

  • Small (< $1 million in yearly revenues), Medium ($1 – $10 million in yearly revenues), and Large ($10-$50 million in yearly revenues)
  • Incorporated and unincorporated business owners
  • Self-employed, Independent businesses, and Franchised owners.

Geographic scope:

  • Georgia with a focus on: Metro Atlanta, Gainesville, Dalton, and Athens.


Time Frame & Partner Benefits

  • Data collection will begin in May through partner organizations, canvassing, and social media campaign
  • Data analysis will begin in September. Academic rigor provided by research team
  • Report and findings will be announced at the end of February.

Partner organizations and investors will have access to findings, presentations, special briefings by research team and branding.  We appreciate your investment in the Latinx community!